December 13, 2016

White Label SEO Services

We keep business simple. That’s why we adhere to clear pricing structures, clear expectations, and transparent implementation practices.

Our partners are typically WordPress web design firms who care about two things. 1) Delivering quality services to their clients and 2) increasing the their own bottom line.

We know your clients want a newer, flashier web design that can help convert more business. As the designer, you’ve worked hard to achieve this. You’ve considered information architecture, content strategy, audience and personas, and most importantly an elegant design.

But now what? None of this tells Google to send your client more traffic.

Your client already wants their new site, or redesign, to drive more leads upon launching. They’re familiar with the concept of SEO and expect the new site to deliver just that.

The problem is, without a proper SEO setup their website has no foundation for driving more traffic. In some cases, their existing traffic will disappear altogether!

That’s where we come in.

We provide the opportunity for you to offer clients a “white-hat” SEO setup as a value-added service – and you get all the credit.

Our team of trained SEO specialists will complete each setup with minimal turnaround time . Typically less than a week from your purchase date.

Our SEO setups implement over 25 of the most critical SEO components as stated by Google’s search engine best practices. Read more about how our SEO setups can increase traffic here.

The dollars and sense of it

Google reports that nearly 80% of clicks are to organic search results.

Anyone who owns a business wants to be included in that, which is why most of our partners easily charge $1,000-$3,500 to include a professional SEO setup as part of their design service.

Our white label SEO setup packages range between $750-$1,250 meaning you collect a net markup of 100%-300% an average.

We believe it’s a win-win because we get to help you achieve the two main goals we mentioned earlier:

1) Delivering quality services to your clients and
2) increasing your company’s bottom line

This way you get to focus on the important things; your business, your designs, and fostering your client relationships.

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Additionally, we provide ongoing education, downloads and cheat sheets through our blog to help you learn SEO best practices you can use on your own website.

Let our white-label services act as your SEO department and give your client the peace of mind of having an SEO compliant website.

View our prices or contact us directly to get started.