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Set up my B.I. system:

Business intelligence dashboard with real-time data for:

  • Organic vs paid traffic
  • Cost per conversion
  • Channel attribution
  • Revenue gained/lost

Set up my paid ads system:

Integrate your brand into media channels with the most attention:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

Set up my tech SEO system:

Improve indexation and crawlability for search engines:

  • Metadata
  • Schema markup
  • XML sitemaps / robots.txt
  • Missing/broken link audits

Set up my customized system:

Create a custom package that suites your needs:

  • Keyword & topic research
  • Competitor insights
  • Analytics consulting
  • Growth marketing
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SEO is the #1 strategy for generating higher profit margins. Why?

Unlike traditional marketing or other platforms there is no limit to how much traffic you can generate. When people sit down to search out a product or service on Google they’re already in the mindset to purchase. Other channels can’t match this. AND, over 90% of all purchases begin with a Google search. No other platforms (or search engine) can compete with Google’s market share.

  • No Ceiling
  • More Profitable
  • Scalable
  • Easy to Track

Our Services

Each SEO set up follows our proven process to build a solid SEO foundation to ensure all pages are optimized for being crawled, indexed, ranked, and tracked accurately. Once the foundation is in place we’ll provide monthly ads management, keyword tracking, and SEO maintenance for site health.

How Does Partnering with SEO Setups Benefit You

Most companies lack the resources to include proper analytics and tracking platforms with their marketing programs. We implement the latest SEO & Analytics systems with our signature package, the SEO Setup. This provides SEO, analytics, and tracking systems for sustainable long-term growth – with a tight watch on revenue and profits. Packages may include:


Page Optimization

  • Internal Link Structuring
  • Metadata Optimization
  • Website Content Writing
  • Content Optimization

Internal Site Audit

  • Backlink Profile
  • Google Penalties
  • Zombie Pages
  • Text to HTML Ratio

Content Marketing

  • Demographic Targeting
  • Keyword Research
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Landing Pages

Technical SEO

  • URL Structure
  • HTML Code Cleanup
  • Page Speed Load Times
  • SSL Domains

Brand Awareness

  • Display Advertising
  • Remarketing Banners
  • IP Targeting
  • Lookalike Audiences

Local Search Optimization

  • Google My Business Listings
  • Zip Code Radius Targeting
  • Location Landing Pages
  • Local Directory Audits

Mobile Search Improving

  • Mobile Usability Audits
  • AMP Schema Markup
  • CDN Configuration
  • Hosting Solutions

Competitors Monitoring

  • Share of Voice Reporting
  • Competitor Keyword Reports
  • Ad Copy and PPC Keywords
  • Competitor Traffic Sources
ROAS Generated
Optimized Websites
Years Of Experience

Case Studies

We’ve generated amazing results for our clients, which expand multiple industries. From Silicon Valley startups to publicly traded global brands  – we’ve delivered the goods! Here’s a few examples…

What Clients Say?

  • We’ve used SEO Setups for years now. They are true professionals and know their stuff. I never have to worry about the quality or value they bring to the table – it’s always there. It’s nice working with an SEO company I can actually trust.

    Don E.
    Owner, Consulting Agency
  • All of the clients we included a SEO Setup with have had significant increases in search visibility after launching!

    Alan H.
    Owner, ACH Marketing Agency
  • Thanks to their deep technical know-how, SEO Setups delivered serious results on our program. What’s more, we got attentive service, fast follow-up, and honest answers. Highly recommended.

    Fred L.
    VP of Marketing