How to Optimize for Every Major Search Platform

If you do a Google search for nearly any topic in your industry you’ll see a lot of the same websites showing up again and again. Think about it, Amazon, Facebook, Trip Advisor, Yelp, Quora – there’s a lot of familiar faces.

These companies host some of the largest online directories and support nearly 100% of online commerce. The purpose of today’s post is how we can leverage these mammoth platforms to push our products or services in front of more people.

Portent’s Justin Brasser recently wrote an eye-opening how-to guide we can follow for getting started with these major directories – complete with extremely valuable resource links placed throughout the article.

Enter, Justin:

Platitude #1: Google owns a massive majority of the search market. If all the internet’s a directory, and the game is to ensure you’re optimizing as such, consider that about 80% of desktop searches and over 85% of mobile searches are performed on Google. Their directory is dominant for many kinds of information.

Old joke: Where does the 800-pound gorilla sit [in your marketing meetings]? “Wherever it wants.”

Thankfully, in exchange for our submission, the Google alpha gorilla provides a cornucopia of tools and resources for we humble marketers. (Or was it an Alphabet gorilla?)

Platitude #2: Every digital marketer should take advantage of Google’s tools and best practices to make the most of the world’s largest directory.

However, and this is the fun part, you shouldn’t stop here. Google does not have a monopoly on the directory game. As a matter of fact, the more specific and nuanced your search, the better another directory may serve the information you want.

Taken a step further, other major directories are critical places to make sure customers can find you, in the right place, at the right time.

To stick with the metaphor, let’s call these Baby Gorillas (mainly to get a few angry comments from snarky Quora power users), and look at a few quick ways you might optimize your presence on each.

Again, this post is intended to get you thinking about some of these “directories” and priming you to spot others. We won’t get into a specific game plan for each, but we’ll share more of what’s specifically working for Portent clients in future posts. Anonymized to protect the successful, and innocent.

[Cracks knuckles.] Here we go.

Do you sell a product? Start with Amazon.

Amazon may be an 800-pound gorilla in its own right, but nonetheless it’s a baby for overall search volume. Again, consider the context of the search, and whether you should take the time to optimize your presence on this additional directory. According to Moz, Amazon has roughly three times more search volume for products than Google

Other Gorillas mentioned in this post, and how to optimize for them:

  • Facebook Shop
  • Pinterest
  • Yelp
  • TripAdvisor
  • Quora