Best SEO Tools for Finding Your Competitors High Traffic Keywords

Finding high traffic organic keywords

This is the second in a 2-part series exploring how to use both free and paid SEO tools to leverage your organic traffic to its fullest potential.

Organic traffic is also known as earned traffic or non-paid traffic. It has the potential to deliver new visits for years to come, unlike paid advertising which stops the day you quit paying for it.

In order to increase organic traffic you need to have content that discusses the topics your audience cares about. Ideally, write about topics that hold up over time – also referred to as “evergreen content.”

Below is my favorite strategy for finding high traffic keywords that my competitors are already using to drive the bulk of their traffic.

Think of it as stealing your competitors traffic, or if that sounds too harsh, merely redirecting your audience’s attention to a better a source (you!).

SEO Tools Required: SEMrush [Paid]

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The SEMrush research tool allows for search via a keyword or a domain. Do both to be thorough. If you have a specific competitor in mind start there.

Spy on competitors organic keywords, image.Enter your competitors root domain in the search bar and within seconds you’ll have a complete dashboard of their analytics. For this research, use the left navigation panel and access the Organic Research dashboard.

The initial screen displays their top keywords sorted by the amount of traffic each phrase actually drives to their website.

Review their top keywords, but also note the subtle variations in the ordering of words.

For example, when I searched the keyword “best SEO tools” the website uses the phrase “How to Get” a lot, which goes against common grammar for a title. Eg. How to Get More Traffic and How to Get Backlinks. This teaches us how to phrase our titles when competing for specific topics.

Keep in mind you will come across other keywords that are unrelated to the initial keyword search. If they’re performing well for your competitor, write those down too as future topics to write about – add them to your content calendar.

Find competitor keywords using SEMrush, screen capture.

How to Search by Keyword

Using the example term from the last post, “Best SEO Tools” I quickly [within seconds] see results of the top websites competing for the same phrase.

Find competitors using your keywords with SEMrush.

By clicking each of them, then navigating to Domain Analytics > Organic Research is a list of top keywords driving traffic to their websites. and the top keywords they’re getting traffic with.

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  • How to Get Backlinks and the top keywords delivering traffic.

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Your competitors high traffic keywords being used.

Based on these two tactics alone I quickly found multiple broad and long-tail keyword terms that I can create content for. Using the Skyscraper technique which I wrote about in a previous post I can begin the process of stealing my competitors traffic.

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