Best SEO Tools for Finding High Traffic Keywords

Non-paid (organic) search engine traffic is the most important source of visits and new leads. If you take a peek in your Google Analytics account under Acquisition > Channels, you’ll likely see that Organic Search is already the top traffic channel.

This is the first of two guides that will teach you how to use both free and paid SEO tools to leverage this opportunity to its fullest potential.

Finding high traffic organic keywords

Organic traffic provides new visits for years to come, unlike paid advertising which stops the day you quit paying for it.

In order to increase organic traffic you need to have content that discusses the topics your audience cares about. Ideally, write about topics that hold up over time – also called evergreen content.

Below is the first strategy I use to find high traffic keywords that have proven to help drive more traffic.

SEO Tools Required: Google Search Console [Free]

Google Search Console is the best free SEO tool for finding high traffic keywords. The Search Analytics feature allows for easy filtering to narrow down the low hanging fruit poised for maximum traffic generation.

The principle that makes this so effective is how it allows us to analyze existing impressions, click-thru-rates and average positions.

How to Find Keywords That Will Increase Traffic

Step 1 – Open Google Search Console and access the Search Analytics feature.

SEO tools for finding high traffic keywords


Step 2 – Select the options to include clicks, impressions, CTR, and position then choose a date range of the last 90 days. Be sure the option for “queries” is selected.

Using Search Console for finding high traffic SEO keywords.

Step 3 – Sort the queries by CTR%, from most to least.

Look for a query that’s earned a high click-thru-rate despite being on page two or beyond. In this example, the query ‘negative keyword lists’ has an 11% CTR even though its average position clear at the bottom of page three.

This tells me there is definitely interest around the topic of negative keyword lists. By concentrating my SEO and content marketing efforts around this topic I can push the keyword onto page two and then page one for maximum visibility. I already know there is a lot of interest for the term so I can expect a massive boost in organic traffic.

SEO tools for finding high traffic keywords by click through rate.

What If I Don’t Have a CTR%, Yet?

Step 4 – Sort the queries by impressions, most to least.

If you’re getting decent impression share regardless of your average position it means the query has a lot of potential.

SEO tools for finding high traffic keywords using impression count.

If the highest number of impressions and quality of keywords are equal, run the top terms through Google’s Keyword Planner to find which of them has the most potential for generating monthly search traffic.

Keyword Planner and Search Console are the best SEO tools.

Using the example above, I can predict that focusing content marketing efforts around the term “best seo tools” will be a worthwhile venture.

By increasing the average position for ‘best SEO tools’ toward more realistic levels (pages 1-4) I’ll undoubtedly boost the impression count and start receiving clicks. Not just for the keyword ‘best SEO tools,’ but long tail keywords and other semantically related versions of the query too.


Finding high traffic keywords that are ripe for the picking is that easy with Google Search Console. It’s also completely free which is why I consider it one of the best SEO tools for finding new keywords or content marketing topics.