Design Agencies Love the White-Label SEO Model

The Benefits of White Label SEO Partnerships

I recently came across an interesting post from SEO Book discussing the relationship between designers and the white-label SEO provider. Honestly, it’s a match made in heaven and I’d love to talk to about directly so reach out to me personally if you’d like to chat more: Until then, here’s a quick summary of the article from Peter D. of SEO Book.


Designers most often will not have an SEO skill set in-house. This can be for a variety of reasons. Perhaps SEO has never occurred to them, they might not have enough full-time SEO work for a new hire, or SEO just seems like too much hassle.

Forming a white-label SEO partnership can be quite lucrative for the designer. The design agency typically has a stable of existing clients and each of them can benefit from a well executed SEO setup.

This is where the opportunity lies for a win-win.

How To Approach It

When a design agency is pitching to a client, their incentive is to pile feature upon feature, which of course, takes time to build. The more time they can bill for a build, the more money they make.

SEO is an add-on feature.

Chances are, the design agencies clients are already asking about SEO. Typically, this happens after the site is actually built, and the client can’t find themselves on Google. When you find such an agency, it’s not difficult to put a mutually beneficial deal together. The demand already exists, and they can’t service it.

The white-label SEO will also provide them with as much marketing collateral as possible. This is the text they include in sales proposals. Stating the benefits of search engine marketing from a business perspective and real-life examples of its successes.