Internal Linking for SEO

Portent, Inc. originally published this article in 2011 and Zac Heinrichs recently updated it. Setting up your internal link structure is one of the most fundamental SEO practices that can help increase keyword rankings quickly – and Zac does an excellent job of explaining how we can better leverage them.

Welcome Zac…

Internal Linking for SEOStrip away all the fancy design, the hours of brilliant copywriting, and the carefully considered page names. Instead think of your site as a simple series of dots (pages) and lines (links) to evaluate internal linking for SEO purposes.

That’s one of the first steps we take at Portent when we’re doing a technical SEO audit. This helps to take ego or pride of authorship out of the equation, for a really important exercise.

Spoiler alert: once you’ve stripped the site down to this level, it becomes obvious that a lot of websites have tried to link too many of these pages to each other, especially in the top menus and sidebar navigation. Two big reasons for this are: