How Our Website Redesign Process Increased Traffic 650%

Without using monthly seo services, Link Building, Blogging, or other smoke & mirror tactics

SEO Setups Big Traffic Increase

Truth is, It Takes More Than a Fresh Design to Get Traffic, In Fact...

A lot can go wrong after launch!

  • Broken links & 404 errors
  • Missing or duplicate metadata 
  • Missing open graph tags
  • Poor speed & performance
  • Blocked web crawlers
  • Referral spam
  • No conversion tracking
  • So much more...

There Are 3 Pillars to Successful SEO

Technical SEO

Speed & Performance


Analytics & Conversions

Seeing Is Believing  
I didn't believe it either, until it happened.

Setting up a foundation for SEO at ground-zero (pre-launch) assures Google can crawl and index each page accurately. From the day-of-launch until forever! In the 6-months following our SEO setups we've seen traffic increase as much as 650%, and a website has NEVER lost traffic from our setup.

Results aren't affected by the industry, brand authority, or size of the website. It's fair game!

Industry-Wide Case Studies:

Education: 508%+

Travel: 40%+

Real Estate: 50%+

Financial: 33%+

Landscaping: 180%+

Energy: 650%+

 3 Pillars Of A Successful Launch

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    Pillar #1 - Technical SEO: Metadata, open graph tags, XML sitemaps, robots.txt files
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    Pillar #2 - Speed & Performance: Page speed, mobile usability, caching optimization, AMP (accelerated mobile pages) 
  • check
    Pillar #3 - Analytics & Conversions:  Google Analytics, Tag Manager & Console integrations, spam referral filters, heatmapping

SEO. Simplified. 
An add-on to the launch process that's an ADDED-VALUE for the client.

 The typical process for a design agency looks similar to this:

As an SEO Manager this process drove me crazy! It was prone to launching sites with inaccessible pages, reductions in traffic, and NO conversion tracking in place!

We solved it all by adding a quality assurance procedures for search engine & conversion tracking optimization. (a.k.a. the SEO Setup)

No More Launch Day Nightmares at least not for SEO and tracking.

The SEO Setup can happen just before launch or shortly after. We've seen companies lose $1,000s from post-launch mayhem. Entire sites have been de-indexed from Google, riddled with broken links, and page-level conversion metrics just didn't exist. We won't let this happen to your client.

How Our White-Label
Partnerships Work 


You Design. We Optimize.

We turned our process into a simple service where we step in prior to launching the website (or after launch in some cases) and setup all the technical SEO & conversion tracking pieces then hand it back to you. No surprises!

We already work with a variety of agencies and we've NEVER had a partner leave us. You read that right, never.

It's a WIN-WIN: Our partners love us because it's an easy win for everyone. Here's an example...

As an agency owner, you simply add a line item in the design proposal that includes a line item for the SEO & Analytics Setup. Which typically looks like this:

SEO Setup…………..............………...........………$3,500

That means you profit from every project, while we do all the work.

We only charge a flat fee of $750-$2,500 for a basic setup and you keep the extra cash for yourself (that's the benefit of white-label).

YOUR client benefits tremendously from the SEO setup, but to make it even better (and easier for you to to sell) we provide a 20-30 page summary that documents everything that was completed during the setup process. This assures your client sees tangible updates, screenshots, and before and after metrics. We take every step possible to remove the smoke and mirrors so you, and your clients are left with cold hard data. Not buzzwords and hype.

See what our current partners have to say:

"Every client has had significant traffic increases..."

"Moz is detecting significant jumps in search visibility for EVERY client you've worked on!"


CEO of ACH Marketing

"Innovative, empowering, and insightful..."

"Matt’s been handling SEO setups for my clients for over three years now. He’s a true professional and knows his stuff. I never have to worry about the quality or value he brings to the table - it’s always there. It’s nice working with an SEO company I can actually trust."


CEO of Amethyst Consulting

"It's the attention to even the smallest detail that makes them so great..."

"Their attention to the smallest details allow them to provide clients with unique insights based on real data, and proven strategies. We love working with people who love data as much as they do!" 


Lead SEO, Hewlett-Packard

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't believe your SEO Setup provides outstanding value to your clients, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

"Definitely my go-to SEO consultant..."

Matt helped me remove spam referrals and other weird Google Analytics data that was messing up my reports. Great guy to work with, definitely my new go-to SEO consultant.”


Owner of The Music Factory OC

"An absolute leader in the industry..."

"Matt is an absolute leader in the industry in SEO and a committed digital marketer who never stops learning. He's one of the best communicators I know, capable of breaking down the most complex digital marketing concepts in a way that is easy for any client to understand. And most importantly, his passion for refining and improving on marketing campaigns allows him deliver measurable results, every time.”


Digital Content Manager, Weyerhaeuser

A Quick Recap 
Of What's Included With An SEO Setup

Put my 15 years of research, experimentation, and real-world experience to work for you. Imagine how happy your clients will be knowing their new website has been fully audited and set up for all of the following.

Technical SEO

  • check
    Metadata optimization (title & description tags)
  • check
    Markup for social media open graph
  • check
    XML sitemap optimization (taxonomy cleanup)
  • check
    Robots.txt file optimization

Speed & Peformance

  • check
    Page speed audit & suggestions
  • check
    Mobile usability testing
  • check
    Page caching audit & optimization
  • check
    Accelerated mobile page (AMP) integration

Analytics & Conversion Tracking

  • check
    Setup & integration of Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Search Console, and others
  • check
    Custom filters to block 200 known spam referrers
  • check
    Custom conversion tracking for: click-t0-call from mobile, click-to-email, form completions, downloads, and more

PLUS: Advanced Analytics & Tracking Options

  • check
    Heatmapping & video recordings
  • check
    Share & export reports as PDFs
  • check
    On-page surveys & polls
  • check
    Form field abandonment tracking
  • check
    Conversion funnel tracking

It's A Resource To Scale Your Business

Offering this level of peace-of-mind gets potential clients to say yes, faster. Tying design and development into bottom-line revenue goals instantly increases your credibility and makes justifying additional costs, a no-brainer. 

Sure, each SEO Setup means more money for you, but even if all you got from this was the ability to sell one extra project a month would it be worth it? 

Imagine how that might help you expand your services and scale your business. 

Let's Get To Know Each Other

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"I'm here to help owners of web design agencies, and freelance designers implement a foundational audit process that provides custom conversion tracking and long-term growth for their clients’ websites. If you think that's you then I'd love to see how I can serve.”

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