A Review of SEMrush’s new Lead Generation Tool

If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to get started with lead generation this new feature from SEMrush might be the perfect solution.

This lead generation tool allows you to quickly create an email opt-in form that can be placed anywhere on your website so you can begin collecting emails as sales leads.

As a lead magnet (something to entice visitors to fill out the form) SEMrush will automatically send them a website audit summary that provides an overall review of their website. It’s completely automated.

Follow the steps below and I’ll help you get it your own lead generation form up and running in just minutes.

SEMrush lead generation tool review imageSetting Up the SEMrush Lead Generation Tool: In 4 Simple Steps

1. Login to SEMrush and navigate the Lead Generation Tool on the left panel.

If you don’t have an SEMrush account, you can sign-up for a free trial here.






2. The Widget Settings tab will be open by default. Fill out the form with the appropriate information you’d like your visitors to see. Use the image below as a guide.


3. Personalize the opt-in form by updating the color settings to reflect your own brand colors. Then SAVE.

SEMrush lead generation tool review image

SEMrush lead generation tool review image









4. Personalize the email follow-up response and subject line to personalize the message to your audience. Select SAVE.

SEMrush lead generation tool review image

It’s that easy!

What do the visitors see?

After a visitor fills out your email opt-in form they’ll receive a site audit within an hour. (In my experiments it was received in just seconds!)

The audit covers some of the basics of on-site SEO requirements. Use this information to do additional research before contacting your lead so you can provide additional value beyond what’s listed on the audit report.

SEMrush lead generation tool review image

After the person submits their email address and receives their free SEO audit you’ll receive an email alert as a heads up. Meanwhile, the information is stored within your SEMrush dashboard for future email outreach.

SEMrush lead generation tool review image


The new SEMrush lead generation tool is a great new feature that makes it easier than ever to get started with email capture. It might not be right for everyone though. Here’s a review of what I found to be the standout pros and cons you should be aware of.


This is the easiest and fastest way to get a lead capture form in place. It provides an automated SEO audit as your lead magnet.

It’s essentially a free service to you. Assuming you’re already using SEMrush anyway, which you should be, it’s worth experimenting with. If you have less than a few thousand visitors a month this is likely the best solution to get started with lead generation.


It’s not clear which pages were crawled. This will most likely be the first question your lead asks so it’s important you do your due diligence before speaking with them and gather some further insight into their onpage SEO stats.

The email list is stored within SEMrush, which isn’t a surprise. However, there does not seem to be an export option to transfer your list elsewhere. Meaning you can’t easily add your new email subscribers to an existing email system like MailChimp or Marketo.

So if you ever decide to end your subscription with SEMrush be ready to manually copy all the email addresses you’ve collected.