Ice Cream Giveaway Promo

Core Services: SEM, Strategy

Coconut Bliss is a national ice cream retailer based on the west coast and needed marketing support to expand their east coast presence.

We created aggressive regionally targeted campaigns to put their message in front of ice cream lovers and drove over 1,000 new email opt-ins within the first week.


Coconut Bliss is based in Oregon and less known on the east coast. We needed to generate extreme brand awareness in a short period of time and make sure our message was seen by an audience that would be motivated to complete our survey, and even make a purchase.


We had a limited budget so precise targeting critical. We found early on that 25-34 year-old females using mobile devices were most likely to convert. We set bid adjustments and automated rules to target this demographic and kept our targeting tightly focused to specific areas near our distribution centers.

1,080 Survey Completions

2,881 Total Conversions

2.3M Total Impressions

Impressive Results

We used a 2-part approach that included text ads with specific keyword targeting, as well as display banners that blanketed foodie blogs and websites – all within our regional areas.

In total we hit more than 2,000 conversions and over 1,000 survey completions within just one week!