Enterprise IT Operations

Core Services: SEO, SEM, Strategy

This B2B client works in the highly competitive world of container infrastructure and IT Operations. Historically, they relied heavily on offline methods for lead generation.

We successfully increased traffic & conversions for both organic and paid leads by more than 100%.


The container infrastructure & cloud storage industry is full of up-and-coming technology companies, as well as established brands – all competing for traffic. Our client needed to rise above the noise.


Our client was a relatively small fish in a big pond so we had to get creative to find strategies for getting in front of potential customers, without breaking the bank. Leveraging content and onsite SEO strategies with pay-per-click campaigns that hit users during their research & decision-making phases positioned our client for success.

seo case study cloud infrastructure

+73% Unique Visits

+87% Downloads

+97% Organic Keyword Growth

Impressive Results

Leveraging SEO and PPC strategies magnified brand awareness, captured over 50 new email opt-in leads, and nearly doubled other KPIs. Success metrics include:

  • +73% increase in unique visits
  • +87% increase in PDF downloads (523 to 978)
  • +97% increase in organic keywords indexed (76 to 150)
  • +23% increase in organic traffic
  • +86% increase in average time on site (0:38 to 1:11)


Technical SEO audits identified duplicate content, crawl errors, mobile usability issues and other critical factors that were holding them back in search. Updating these key items immediately helped increase keyword indexation and drive more organic traffic.

On-page SEO, metadata updates, and strategic internal linking helped to increase keyword rankings across the board and raised their search visibility 46% compared to their competition.

Paid search campaigns used longtail and broad-match modifiers to target very specific keyword phrases that sent users directly to email opt-in landing pages. Additionally, remarketing display banners were deployed to target visitors of specific products and pages to keep their brand top-of-mind and urge people to come back to the website.

Ultimately, paid ads provided an additional 121,000 ad impressions & over 2,000 new visits from people searching for our client’s specific solutions.

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