How to Lift Your Impression Share on Google

In this post I’m going to share exactly how to get more traffic to your website with a simple three step process.

I’m also going to show you a real-life example of how I used this strategy to go from zero to over 8,000 new impressions in just one month for competitive keywords like “best seo.”

Let’s get into it…

Where to Start

Launching a new website, new service or new product can be a daunting task for business owners. Follow these steps to help focus your efforts toward your highest opportunities.

Step #1 – Research

If you have any existing content on your website there are immediate opportunities right under your nose. You just need to know where to look.

Start by identifying the topics (keywords) that Google already sees you as an authority for and leverage those.

To do this I used a tracking tool by Unifusion to navigate to the Search Rankings tab. This can be done within Google Search Console as well.

How to find top impression share

Sort these results by “impressions” to see which phrases are triggering your website to appear in search results most often. See image 2.

Impressions chart.

My website was only a month old, but there was enough published content to identify which queries triggered most of the impressions on Google. These were phrases like “best seo tools,” “seotool”, and “longtail keyword research.” See image 3.

Impression growth for the term 'best seo'

These phrases had grabbed over 100 impressions even though the average position was between page 6-10. This told me that if I could improve the average position I could quickly boost the overall impression count.

Rather than focusing on other services I focused on the low hanging fruit first. As a new website, I’m still desperate for traffic. So I took a deeper look.

Step #2 – Prioritize

In terms of impression share, it was a close call between “best seo tools,” “seo tool,” “long tail keyword research,” and “semrush guide” so I needed to carve out the best opportunity among all these.

After a quick analysis using Google’s keyword planner it was clear that “best seo tools” earned the most monthly searches. See image 4.

Keyword research table

Step #3 – Execution

Using a vertical marketing strategy I created a content plan that followed the information architecture from image 5.

This led me to writing about various topics surrounding “best seo tools” and setting the appropriate internal link structures. These pages included:

Vertical marketing illustration

Just one month later my impressions for all “best seo” related keywords had more than doubled. See image 6.

Impression growth after one month for 'best seo' terms.

Within ONE MONTH impressions shot to over 8,000 and is continuing to grow each month!

Chart and tables for best seo keyword impressions.

Impressions for best seo terms.