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Local Business: Reputation, Rankings, and Revenue

Local SEO Ranking in the local listing results is critical for any local business. In many ways it also abides by a different set of rules than typical organic results. This makes it a unique beast, but one that can be tamed if you understand the rules. Miriam Ellis wrote an article for Moz that broke Read more about Local Business: Reputation, Rankings, and Revenue[…]

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5 Reasons Your Posts Don’t Rank and How to Fix It

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try your content just won’t rank. Not where anyone will ever find it anyway. To make it worse, your competitor seems to always show up on page one even though their content is junk. What gives?! Before you go completely mad consider reviewing this 5-point checklist from Business2Community.com on before Read more about 5 Reasons Your Posts Don’t Rank and How to Fix It[…]

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Relaunching your website? Don’t forget an SEO audit!

One of the biggest mistakes we see is the redesign process. Updating your website’s design is a great idea! However, it’s critical that you don’t damage the existing foundation in the process. Some of the most overlooked (and detrimental) items we see get looked over include: Changing URL structure Deleted pages (with no redirects) WordPress Read more about Relaunching your website? Don’t forget an SEO audit![…]

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Link Building: How to Stop Getting Rejected

Google uses over 200 ranking signals to determine how authoritative your website is and well it will rank for a keyword. That said, it comes down to ONE signal that carries the most weight. BACKLINKS. Specifically, root domain backlinks, which are the number of websites linking back to you. Acquiring these is a chore. Getting a large Read more about Link Building: How to Stop Getting Rejected[…]

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Customized Google Analytics Monthly Reports

Over 95% of companies we work with are either overpaying for dashboard conversion reports or they’re far under-utilizing the capabilities within their Google Analytics account. The majority of websites we see, and there’s been 100s, do not have useful dashboard metrics setup for their business. And honestly, it’s not their fault. It’s complicated to manipulate Read more about Customized Google Analytics Monthly Reports[…]

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Using New Top-Level Domains for SEO

Can the new top-level domains increase your keyword rank? Recently, while doing research for a client I came across some high-ranking custom top-level domains (TLDs) which were outranking their .com competitors in a competitive space. This got me thinking, are custom TLDs actually giving certain sites an SEO boost? I reached out to a few Read more about Using New Top-Level Domains for SEO[…]