Don’t Ignore SEO During Your Website Redesign

This is one of the most important posts we’ve ever shared.

The majority of our clients come to us after they’ve had a website redesign confused why their traffic isn’t going up.

The answer is always the same. Website design has little impact on optimizing a site for search engines.

If only we had this conversation before you went through with a redesign. We could have talked about:

  • IA for search engine crawlability
  • UX for on-page SEO
  • Semantic URL structures
  • Setting 301 redirects
  • An argument for why you shouldn’t have consolidated all of your content into a one-page website!


Thankfully, Maryna Samokhina published an article on Moz to help walk our future clients through making more strategic website redesign decisions.

Enter, Maryna

Strategic SEO Decisions to Make Before Website Design and Build

The aim: This post highlights SEO areas that need to be addressed and decided on before the website brief is sent to designers and developers.

Imagine a scenario: a client asks what they should do to improve their organic rankings. After a diligent tech audit, market analysis, and a conversion funnel review, you have to deliver some tough recommendations:

“You have to redesign your site architecture,” or

“You have to migrate your site altogether,” or even

“You have to rethink your business model, because currently you are not providing any significant value.”

This can happen when SEO is only seriously considered after the site and business are up and running. As a marketing grad, I can tell you that SEO has not been on my syllabus amongst other classic components of the marketing mix. It’s not hard to imagine even mentored and supported businesses overlooking this area.

This post aims to highlight areas that need to be addressed along with your SWOT analysis and pricing models — the areas before you design and build your digital ‘place’: