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Link Building: How to Stop Getting Rejected

Google uses over 200 ranking signals to determine how authoritative your website is and well it will rank for a keyword. That said, it comes down to ONE signal that carries the most weight. BACKLINKS. Specifically, root domain backlinks, which are the number of websites linking back to you. Acquiring these is a chore. Getting a large Read more about Link Building: How to Stop Getting Rejected[…]

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Customized Google Analytics Monthly Reports

Over 95% of companies we work with are either overpaying for dashboard conversion reports or they’re far under-utilizing the capabilities within their Google Analytics account. The majority of websites we see, and there’s been 100s, do not have useful dashboard metrics setup for their business. And honestly, it’s not their fault. It’s complicated to manipulate Read more about Customized Google Analytics Monthly Reports[…]

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Using New Top-Level Domains for SEO

Can the new top-level domains increase your keyword rank? Recently, while doing research for a client I came across some high-ranking custom top-level domains (TLDs) which were outranking their .com competitors in a competitive space. This got me thinking, are custom TLDs actually giving certain sites an SEO boost? I reached out to a few Read more about Using New Top-Level Domains for SEO[…]

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7 Ways to Increase Website Conversions

Do you know your conversion rates? What is your cost per conversion? Are you even tracking conversions? Are you starting to freak out because you don’t know any of these things? If so, you’re not alone, unfortunately, and you should probably keep reading. Conversions (i.e., web leads) are the life-blood for many businesses and should not Read more about 7 Ways to Increase Website Conversions[…]

Google Analytics Sessions vs. Users

What Are Sessions and Users in Google Analytics

New Vocab Update to Google Analytics I was running an Analytics report the other day with a client to discuss PageViews and Unique PageViews for a new cluster of landing pages we had created, but low and behold: The PageView data was gone! Instead there was something called Sessions. I hovered over the little question Read more about What Are Sessions and Users in Google Analytics[…]

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YouTube Cards Provide New Opportunities for Advertising

Google is shaking things up again with the introduction of YouTube cards — a roll-out plan that will eventually replace annotations. They’re like mini-ads, which at first glance appear to provide a better user experience by giving the viewer a choice to view more information or not. Where as it is now, annotations pop up Read more about YouTube Cards Provide New Opportunities for Advertising[…]

Not and Not Provided in Google Analytics

What does (not set) and (not provided) mean in Google Analytics?

This post is for anyone who works with or helps others work with Google Analytics. What does (not set) and (not provided) mean? We get this question all the time. Hopefully you can use this as a reference in case you forget or someone asks you for an explanation. (Not Provided) = Organic visits from Read more about What does (not set) and (not provided) mean in Google Analytics?[…]